Chocolate Cake Hangover

I did a BAAAAD thing. I’m in San Diego, after almost 6 weeks of Ayurvedic diet and cleansing in India, feeling more energized and calm than I have in YEARS, maybe even decades.

Last night, I had a bit of a “food-tantrum” (ya, let’s call it that), and ate TWO BIG pieces of chocolate cake with icing, making it about “just wanting to” (and needing the sugar crash to help sleep… ya, and here I am up at 3:30am PT).

Anyhow, it has had the same effect as if I had alcohol… I got melancholy in conversation last night before bed, and now I awake at 3am or so, literally feeling “hung-over” and dehydrated.

So now, I have pounded some water, and was playing on Facebook before going back to sleep and find this from fellow India adventurer Jen Nicomedes…

Same-day Facebook Post

Same-day Facebook Post


I give gratitude to this wonderful bio-bodysuit I’m living in. (It really is an extraordinary machine…) and for the immense learning I am receiving about what serves this vessel, and what doesn’t. In real time.

The teachable moments from this trip are immense. I suspect that there will be many more lessons here, now that I’m “at home”, than there ever was in my short stay in India.

Looking forward to keeping the lessons coming…
In Spirit,

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